The Concordia Foundation Goes “Farther Down the Rabbit Hole” of Public Access

Real changes are afoot in the realms of alternative media as cable technology and the monopolies around it yield to the dizzying potential of the Internet. We need to start asking the difficult questions (and have solid plans to get the answers) about ownership of these technologies and the scary power of censorship already at work so that we might insure our collective success as nations and a global community. Personal examples of this censorship are videos taken down with no department to challenge the decisions of YouTube; these are viewable on under the section "YouTube Removals".

So far the best, most listened to alternative media producers absolutely require free speech, imperative for meaningful public access or community based TV. Natural product placement within creative efforts of sincere producers offers, even within the global community of the internet, a sustainable media supported by local (and perhaps even non local) businesses. Our bewildering economic problems can be more simply understood if we think of connecting consumer to product with as little middle entities as possible. No matter how sophisticated web optimization managers are with clever abilities to drive traffic, content will always be king. Therefore all issues of copyright and the good of the individual creators of such content (not to mention the well being of their viewers) should be foremost in all thinking of how to control technology for the greatest human benefit. The answers are right there in front of us once we cut through all the fluff and distraction and good producers, dedicated to free speech and not ashamed to keep asking for it will surely provide the needed clarity to see the solutions.

Even as the monopoly giant Microsoft itself dies in the face of the emerging cloud computing we need to understand this process as these times glaring reveal the abuses of monopoly. We now have an opportunity to thrown light on the worst expressions of hidden control and thus we can do much more than trade one monopoly for another. What can we learn when we contemplate the force and meaning behind the removals of videos from the largest on line delivery site - YouTube - who can with no governmental control determine “community guideline violations”, giving the poster and viewer no address, no email, or telephone number to enter into ANY kind of discussion about their decisions? It is happening at an alarming rate and with greater impunity daily and again no recourse of where to turn to to reinstate and regain audience expectation as the audience is viewed only as traffic to be herded here and there by the sophisticated “web optimizers” – both human and machine.

No University or law school* gives the knowledge to understand how serious a problem this is and without leadership whose concern is the common good there is little chance those of us outside of the monopolies can be either heard securely today or hope to develop a voice for the future. Or is there?

Internet protocol TV channels were hyped for the last few years as many tried to take advantage of this shift from land based (cable access) to internet based viewership. However in the end driving traffic on the internet still has to have a destination of value (illegal site removals notwithstanding). People naturally seek something useful, important to their life and producers respectful of their viewer's time on the internet will always endure and stand up to all the dirty tricks played. Even if ignored by a weak and purposely uninformed government, the internet monopoly can only grow with real content providers. Ironically the content manipulated is in the end vital for the growth of the monopolies. The challenge now is to take the attention of these talented producers away from the addiction of pure creation to pay equally needed attention to creating a reliable delivery platform. It is a responsibility to their viewers.

The Concordia Foundation is rising to the challenge of responding to this bleak manipulation of information and chooses to highlight the even brighter possibilities of networking . Many are growing in awareness of the importance of communication. Many can develop clear, solid channels to do so, all of which can be enhanced by a vigorous, aware and informed on line community. The fungus of monopoly can be identified and contained.

Rabbit Hole Central TV hopes to start up again in earnest, after almost a year off, daily streaming M-F at 12 noon, kicking off this summer solstice, Jun 21st (God willing).

On another note:

Through a collaboration with Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D., Paula Gloria was able to capitalize on her experience with her three year running daily public access TV show on spirituality and politics (“Farther Down the Rabbit Hole”) and create an important documentary, "Because People Are Dying" which follows the work of Dr. Goldberg as she developed the material for her book by the same title. The documentary includes interviews of scientists on the theory of why low-level radiation, called radiation hormesis, may work (although over 3,000 studies over the last 100 years already shows conclusively that it does work). It also includes the lectures of the clinical experience of Jay Gutierrez on the beneficial effects of his innovative radioactive delivery system. As Jane said to Alan in an informal interview “the research has turned my world topsey turvery”! Ditto for Paula, a process she went through during many 13 hour days editing the material and using the radioactive stones herself to pull off such a feat! Her eyesight by the way improved dramatically proving again the power of these miraculous stones and the rediscovery of the knowledge behind them - added to the healing effect of dharma, or working on that which is close to one's soul.

Although still on the editor’s cutting board, once completed the DVD version will be available as gifts to donors of the Concordia Foundation as a token of appreciation to all those helping to change our bankrupt medical paradigm so that a solid, safe space for this valuable therapy (and others) may discourage the nasty court and social harassment that in the past have subdued valuable clinical experience and advanced less effective even harmful therapies and blocked the real healing tools!

Cancer need not be a death sentence.

We all know about the power of positive thinking, right? Some of us know that in Ayurveda there are over 20 names for different kinds of (what we call) cancer - implying a cure, for once correctly diagnosed a cure is achieved within this system of balancing the elements with our body). Well what is it like for a healer (positive thinker) in this society in this day and age of dazzling technology and who has a proven track record and a satisfied following of people when he is faced with this kind of reality:

"Bogus Cancer Cure Guru Settles FTC Charges"

The settlement permanently prohibits the defendant from making claims that any food, drug, dietary supplement, device or health-related service, treatment, plan, or program is effective in treating or curing cancer, or that it makes conventional treatments unnecessary, unless the defendant possesses and relies upon competent and reliable scientific evidence." (italics are mine)

Until you become a donor of the Concordia Foundation and receive a gift of the documentary "Because People Are Dying" that Jane Goldberg, Ph.D. and I produced which follows her book by the same name citing over 3,000 scientific studies done over the last 100 years on radiation hormesis and on the work of Jay Gutierrez, helicopter mechanic turned medicine man and his clinical work with cancer take a look at his site and see why we are so excited about advancing the real cure for cancer which is education:

Please visit and check out the shows taken down by YouTube as well as two hot-off-the-press interviews recently done in Washington, DC with Paula Gloria and Molly Cheshire and two leaders in science and economics. Paula gets the first impressions of Dr. Ted Rockwell, a scientist on the Manhattan Project and at Oakridge, TN of his role in the documentary as well as Paula's first on camera interview with a past call-in guest of her show, Norman Kurland, the founder of the Center for Economic and Social Justice. Go to to learn how CESJ has worked for over forty years to achieve the economic philosophy and practical application of resources needed to unfold our personal and social well being. It folds in well addressing the blocks preventing us from achieving both the practical therapies for better health care as well as the knowledge that such therapies exist. As Louis O. Kelso, Norman’s mentor said: “Without economic ownership by the people in the largest corporations, ours will be only a blood economy”. Corporations are not the problem, but active diversified ownership needs to be understood as the solution. The same instrumentents of corporate financing (good credit) needs to be extended to a wider and wider population. If the rich can get credit for good ideas, why not the poor?

Check out the interviews done this April at the center for Economic and Social Justice and see for yourself if you don’t agree that these are times when crisis might invite bolder innovation.

Best yet leave a comment and tell us what you think or how you might like to see the discussion developed in the future.

Finally won’t you consider a donation to the Concordia Foundation and leave us your “co-ordinates” so we might ship a valuable DVD to you ASAP?

Thanks for your attention to these critical topics!

Paula Gloria Tsakona, President
The Concordia Foundation

“Farther Down the Rabbit Hole”
Manhattan Neighborhood Network

“Total Penetration”
Howard 101 Sirius Radio

Executive Producer with Jane G. Goldberg
“Because People Are Dying”

Live Streaming Starts on June 21, 2009!

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About The Concordia Foundation

The Concordia Foundation was created in 1996 by Paula Tsaconas Santiglia (who has now returned to her original name as well as the more original Greek, Paula Gloria Tsakona) and her husband at the time, Vincenzo Santiglia who were living on the island of Cyprus. The Foundation was created with money Paula made from the cellular telephone lotteries of the late 1980's.

Mission Statement

The Concordia Foundation, a 501(c)3, was created to enable artists, visionaries, benefactors and like minded entrepreneurs to join together in a unified purpose. An open community of original thinkers brings ideas, resources, financial donations, skilled technical know how and projects into action and can demonstrate solutions to our seemingly insurmountable problems. Thus charitable work itself is a practical demonstration of raising consciousness, accomplishing through collective intention what can't be done alone. This is the Concordia Foundation's goal.

The Foundation's present focus on realignment of the planet's collective reality into a vibrant and fearless state is done now by exploring what "mainstream" ignores especially in the area of citizen journalism and the explosion of viewer ability to give feedback on the Internet.

History of Resources and Activities Up to the Present

In 1996 The Concordia Foundation's resources and activities were:

One and a half million dollars in assets were linked to a Venture Capital Portfolio whose principle project was the installation of large-scale telecommunications in China. This was being supervised by The Foundation's financial officer at the time, Greg Sarkissian.(For present status see below)

Television programs on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, under the banner of "New Realities" and "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole", currently consisting of a growing library with over 600 interviews of cutting edge paradigm shifting leaders. These productions are still overseen by The Foundation's Media Director, Alan Steinfeld who today is recognized as New York's "Point Man" for all events Spiritual and Holistic (see Alan's website:

Theatrical productions merging science and spirit, including the play "Quintessence: A Vision for the New Millennium" as well as the presentation of children stories and articles. This was headed by our Artistic Director, Marc Maislen who presently is working on the West Coast but still assists Concordia as an advisor.

Our Health Awareness Director, Paula Gloria Tsaconas (AKA Tsakona) had acontributing relationship with The AIMS Hospital in southern India, which is involved in innovative AIDS research. Paula continues to be involved in AIDS awareness and often invites guests on her present daily TV show "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole", which deals with politics and spirituality, all methods leading to better social and personal health.

Documentary video "The Song of the Flowers" about Judy Griffin, herbalist, chemist and researcher on flower essences as cancer therapy. This was the beginning of an on-going series of profiles on important healing therapists produced by Paula Gloria Tsaconas. Today Paula continues this work with several thousand "hits" daily on her YouTube account as well as a newly launched daily video streaming on which she often does with Harold Channer, the world's longest standing Public Access TV producer.

Bill Cote and BC Video was our Director in charge of The Foundation's post-production facilities. Today he continues to work on material that extends the momentum gained from his smash success with an Emmy Award winning documentary "Mystery of the Sphinx"

John Anthony West is consultant to The Foundation's Ancient Wisdom Fund. An example of the range of his thinking can be gained from an interview by Alan Steinfeld with John Anthony West and Webster Tarpley about the rise and fall of civilization. John West was the star on "The Mystery of the Sphinx" which won an Emmy for Best Research in 1993 dealing with the water erosion on the Sphinx which puts the beginning of human civilization back possibly thousands of years.
Webster Tarpley, author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror - Made in USA has been a guest on Paula's show often. Over 35 shows with Webster can be seen at Webster Tarpley playlist.

Sustainable Media

The Foundation's financial support was lost when the telecommunication investment in China lost support. By tracking down the investment Paula Gloria (as she is know to her viewers) discovered 9/11 Truth which lent tremendous dynamism to her (up until then solely) spiritual shows on TV. Today she is very enthused about alternative media that can be created by the mass's access to extended technological ability. Her concern is that the viewer should not be overwhelmed or out of balance with the rest of the society, those who depend and believe in the information piped in from mainstream media (as opposed to an interactive platform). Viewers can become truly more empowered with accurate knowledge and more effective in their personal life and social obligations as long as knowledge is constantly on-going. In this way powerful nations, made up of powerful (informed) people can come out of denial about the horror of war, racism, violence and all other expressions of poor personal and social health, and DEAL MORE effectively and accurately with creating new realities.

Rabbit Hole Central

Some have called the casual Gramercy Park studio in which Paula shoots many of her shows an "Electronic Salon", a term calling to mind this area's past outstanding interaction between social, artistic and literary leaders such as Madam Blavatsky, O'Henry, Peter Cooper, Edwin Booth (to name just a very few). While in the past it was considered a great priviledge to be included in such gatherings today the intimacy and education can be extended to many, allowing unlimited numbers to have access to the most profound thinking of scholars, thinkers and healers. The importance of this is particularly evident in a time when as Harold Channer says "punctuated equlibrium" and "qualitative transformation" means the old institutions are failing. It is critical in times where the most important thinking for technological advancement and human survival may be locked-out of peer reviewed journals simply because vested interests might loose a short term profit, concerned only with the benefit of a few at the expense of the many, missing the urgent importance of including all.

Want to Become a Sponsor? Or Just Leave a Tip....?

Following the interest in the Internet Concordia wants to take the next step to create and manifest institutions in line with what people are watching and wanting. The first step of manifestation is interactivity, the internet has been taken, people leave comments. The next step is to exchange energy on a physical level with money or services to create solid platforms where the power of old, out-dated systems can be superceded as a result of applied knowledge and thus the greater numbers of people can their power, faith and responsibility to life. To say thank you to life.


Possibilities for Your Donations

Applying Nonviolent Communication skills for conflict resolution between sincere researchers

Sponsor conferences on topics missed by vested interests-based charities

Develop a Web Based Royalty System to Distribute "Tips" (pledges of donations made through the Internet) so that those guests most appreciated by the viewer can be compensated accordingly. Today those providing the content on the Internet are lowest on the food chain and most inclined to give up or be bought out. Unless a gift orientation is developed and the concept of charity become vibrant and meaningful, the usual corporate mentality will overtake the freedom now on the internet.

Regular Physical Meeting Spaces. Meeting on the Internet is powerful but physical encounters and physical group focus imperative.

Productions of enlightened theatrical pieces. Such artistic concepts can move and shift mainstream's grasp of what is possible

Networking public access cable television stations across the country to promote a more broad based communication. In particular the reality that material scarcity has been transcended has not been given enough attention, nor the tremendous importance of technology, better understood (not just used), to enhance our culture and civilization.

Develop more programing that empowers the viewer to participate more in life, not just stare at a computer screen. Could be meditation procedures, cooking skills, health insights, any new abilites learned to make life more rewarding and democracy more effective.

In seeking ways to "Out Think the Think Tanks" Concordia hopes to address the limitations usual Think Tanks have. These inevitable limitations (due to funding ultimately by a weapons industry or a "we are better" philosophy) distract us from realities of new technological ability to create and provide for all.

Through the cynical use of "benevolent" institutions, hidden agendas distract, pull our attention and waste our energy so that we do not notice how much is spent developing weapons from the very technology that could launch us into new realities instead species annihilation.

Your donations help change this trend. Your donations help launch a new reality where our artists can become the dynamic shapers of society and our benefactors the new visionaries.


26 Gramercy Park 7H,
New York, NY 10003